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Breeding of the Plaine d'Astrée
Pyrenees Mountain Dog and Beauce Shepherd in Vaucluse in the PACA region bordering Rhône-Alpes.

Breeding of
Dogs of
Beauce Shepherd Beauceron
Low-Red Black/Tan, Harlequin

logo breeding of the plain of astree

Breeding of
Dog of
Pyrenees Mountain
Patou puppy in the PACA region, White, Badger, Arrouye

Yesterday in the Plaine du Forez, today nestled between vineyards and lavender fields, our breeding of Beaucerons and Patous flourishes in the sweetness of Provence.

Discover our breeding dogs Bas-Rouge and Patou, our Berger de Beauce and Montagne des Pyrénées puppies, visit our facilities and enjoy the tranquility of the living environment of our kennel.

The breeding is declared Professional, and state certified since 1993.  All our facilities meet health standards.

Our website referenced by the Société Centrale Canine:

the patous and beaucerons of the plain of astrée



In our kennel we live with our Pyrenees Mountain Dogs “Patou or Pastou” and Berger de Beauce “Arlequin or Bas-Rouge”, under permanent veterinary monitoring for more than 19 years.

Our Beaucerons and Montagne des Pyrénées puppies are raised in families in the countryside. They play freely in large parks where they find, with musical background music, numerous educational games which ensure balanced behavior. Our Berger de Beauce and Patou puppies come from the best current lines, from dysplasia-controlled sires, they have several Champions, Elites or Recommended in their pedigree.

The Beauceron “country gentleman” is a shepherd dog, with a frank, loyal, wise and bold character.

The “Patou” is a protective dog, courageous, dominant and very affectionate.

The Montagne des Pyrénées and the Berger de Beauce are two distinct but perfectly complementary breeds. They are both deeply attached to their family, when they love it is for life!

Please note we are guarding our property!!!!

patou floyd of the plain of astrée

Our goal :

Give you the passion for these Lords of our heritage "Patou" and "Beauceron" who will bring you lots of joy and love every day.

We wish you a pleasant visit to our site of breeding dogs of the Montagne des Pyrénées and Berger de Beauce breeds from "La Plaine d'Astrée".

Future serious show enthusiasts, if you are interested in a Montagne des Pyrénées puppy for shows, do not hesitate to let us know, we will appreciate making a breeding contract with you for a superb patounet for shows, in the sole aim of improving the Patou breed and safeguarding the qualities of the ancestors and their magnificent Pyrenees lineages.

patou floyd of the plain of astrée
patou floyd of the plain of astrée
patou floyd of the plain of astrée

Breeding is more than an ordinary profession,

It's raising good and beautiful dogs,

It means providing all the care for your entire livestock

“Berger de Beauce” and “Mountain of the Pyrenees”.

The Beauceron and the Patou are two very rustic dog breeds that like to live outdoors.

in very large, fenced and well-structured spaces.

beauceron starsky lee de la plaine d'astrée

A good breeder is very unhappy when one of his companions leaves him.

But it is also the joy of looking for the ideal stallion for your female dogs by judiciously studying pedigrees, genetics being just as important as phenotype.

It is also impatiently awaiting the birth of the puppies,

to see them grow, play, love them with passion.

And then, sadly seeing our Beauceron and Patou babies leave for a new family.

Finally, a good breeder must provide after-sales service.

with his advice and assistance at all times.

Our magnificent Pyrenees Mountain Dogs also called Patou de la Plaine d'Astrée, as well as our superb Berger de Beauce, Beauceron or even called Bas-Rouge de la Plaine d'Astrée, wish you a pleasant visit in their virtual company on our site. Our wonderful dogs and puppies are waiting for your actual visit to be cuddled and admired at the kennel.

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