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Conditions of adoption

logo breeding of the plain of astree

To you, future potential adopters.

First of all, thank you for your interest in our breeding. In a few weeks/months/years you may have the joy of coming to pick up one of our little protégés to give him a good life as he deserves.

Before this long-awaited day arrives, you will have to go through a few steps.
It is always a pleasure for us to receive you for a visit, always by appointment, in order to be able to fully listen to you but also to take care of my pack adequately, but to best prepare for your visit, it will take everything Also answer the questions at the end of this article.

We pay deep attention and respect for our dogs and puppies, emails or text messages like: “Hello, do you have puppies available, do you have more recent photos? » are neither respectful for our work, nor for our dogs. You are ready to commit for at least 10 years... your future puppy deserves a few minutes for a proper introduction.

As for the response time to emails... as you can imagine, the life of a dog breeder is not just about petting your dogs. Unfortunately we spend a lot of time on the administrative side and not all the time allocated to other things is time spent with our dogs.

It is therefore not uncommon for the response time to one of your emails to be 48 hours.

Please also understand that while I appreciate listening to you on the phone and taking time for you, it is much more pleasant for me in the evening after dark, the 4 legs having eaten and being layers. It's very difficult for me to answer you if I'm feeding the dogs, grooming them, cleaning with the water jet and puppies to deal with in the middle, training, in short, very busy! Sometimes you can reach me around noon, but try to call me in the evening as best you can! I answer calls at any time of course, because I seriously consider emergency cases which will not wait until the evening. We can also set a time at our respective convenience to communicate pleasantly.

Our priority will be given to contacts with adopting families during the births, choices and departures of puppies. The same in the event of a problem with a puppy/adult dog.

With us everything is homemade: photos/sites/design work (we are perfectionists at heart) etc etc etc… As with everything that is “well” homemade, it takes time.

One day... you will be grateful for having waited a little for a response to your email while being able to enjoy new photos of your future protégés.

Regarding our three websites, they are mines of information. You will find all the information there. So don’t hesitate to get lost in it first.

We thank you for the time taken to read this and we will see you soon!

Here is the questionnaire, you can easily copy and paste to answer the rest;

In which part of France do you live?
Could you tell us a little more about yourself and your family context, your lifestyle (house with land/apartment/owners/rental)?
Do you have or have you ever had dogs? If yes, what type?
Do you have other animals?
Where did you learn about our breeding?
Do you know the breed?
Have you already visited our website?
What do you expect in terms of the character of your future dog?
What activities would you like to do with your future dog?
Do you have any preferences in terms of size/temperament/color and gender?
Will your future companion have access to the inside of the house?
Will your future companion have to stay alone? How long ? In what conditions (enclosure, indoors, etc.)?
Have you already contacted other breeders?
Are you planning to confirm/breed your future puppy?
Are you planning to go to a dog club?
When would you be ready to adopt a puppy?
All these questions will allow us to best target your expectations.

Regarding reservations we operate on a reservation contract. This means that we take stock of your character/color/sex/availability expectations and we recommend a marriage.
Unless you have already had a crush on specific parents beforehand.
We validate the contract with a deposit check that we only cash once the puppies are born at least 15 days old and once we have validated the availability of a puppy for you from this litter.
If there are several puppies, the final choice is only made 10 weeks after the evolution of the recognized character and the veterinary examination to ensure the good health of each.
Attention : It is important to point out that we work with live animals, so we cannot “guarantee” the presence of a puppy in a litter.
The choice will be made based on the order of arrival of the contract. If the puppy's temperament does not suit the family, we therefore postpone a later litter after discussing it with the family.

I don't understand the side without human embarrassment, which grants itself all the rights such as that of imposing its precise choice before everyone else even though it will perhaps be the last to have reserved! It is also necessary to understand that the breeder also wants to keep descendants from his line and therefore to perpetuate the qualities of the latter, he will take his time to choose  her puppy until the last day. So, please don't harass us with extravagant requests just because you're paying for your puppy, that doesn't give you all the rights! Respect in all cases is essential and for us, entrusting you with one of our puppies in the best conditions will remain our priority, know how to trust us, we know our puppies and their temperament and morphology. So just be patient and respectful! All of my puppies are beautiful and deserve a forever home!

Thanking you for your responses and respect.

To reserve a puppy we ask you to complete a contract (with your contact details/ours/details about the puppy), a first deposit payment will be required.
Concerning payment facilities, we accept payment in 2 installments maximum, reservation and acquisition. We are not a credit institution and do not have the legal right to accept higher payment facilities, for this please contact your bank.

Only payments in cash or by credit card or bank transfer credited to our account no later than the day of acquisition.

If no puppy meets your expectations at birth or after the character analysis of each puppy, you have the possibility to postpone your reservation for a future litter.
The main thing for us is to find families who match the temperament of each of our puppies.

Choice of puppies:

We carry out an analysis of each temperament for each of our puppies when they are between 8 and 10 weeks old in order to identify the predominances of their temperament on several important points: sociability, attraction to following humans, ability to face to novelty (fear, awe, courage, curiosity), social dominance, stress testing, attitude to work, attraction to our sheep….
Each puppy is taken apart in an unknown environment, we then clearly see the different characters: the most dominant, self-confident, independent...
We also evaluate the different reactions of our puppies during their growth in order to better understand their temperaments.

Before reserving a puppy, we want to have as much information as possible about your lifestyle in order to guide you towards a puppy suited to your expectations. We reserve the right to decide on the choice of your future puppy because who better than us could best advise you? We respect each other’s crush as well. Don't harass us to find out which of our babies will join you in a few days, we love our puppies and for us our choice will only be made from 9 weeks or even more 10 weeks.

Our puppies leave the breeder from 10 weeks old. They are chipped (ICAD identification card), dewormed every 15 days since their birth, they leave with a veterinary certificate of good health made by a veterinarian.

An information document on the criteria and specific needs of the breed will be offered to you by email. This will allow you to best support your first steps, provide you with advice for your education, your diet, your health, etc. Yours sincerely, the Pack of the Plaine d’Astrée.

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